Welcome Page
Hi and welcome to CrossFit Morayfield!!

This is your premium strength and conditioning centre in Caboolture and surrounding suburbs.

If you are completely new to CF this will hopefully help you understand it more.  CF is very hard to explain in a few words, at its heart it's a conditioning regime with elements of Powerlifting, Strongman, Olympic lifting, Gymnastics, Kettlebell work and more.

Each session here will start with pure strength and/or technique work, this is then followed by what we call a 'Met-con', this stands for metabolic conditioning as it hits you on a mulitude of conditioning levels.  All sessions are monitored and coached by our coaches to ensure you are safe and making progress.

We have the most qualified and experienced coaches in the area in regards to CrossFit as well as specialty sports mentioned above, for more info on this please see the 'Coach Info' section.  Dont be fooled by those waving around cert's but dont have any real world experience, we are not posers, we are actual competitors.

Every day is different to help keep workouts and training fresh, you may not repeat a movement for a few days to a week, you may not repeat an exact workout for several months, this is used to track progress over multiple domains of strength and conditioning.

For more general info please see the 'About Us' section, or feel free to scorll through any other section for a browse.

This is for anyone of any ability, its universally scalable, feel free to use the 'Contact' page to get more info and arrange your first visit.

Yours in fitness